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Individual Educational Needs and Disability Provision

At Pewsey Vale School we are very good at meeting the wide range of educational needs of our students. Our SEN Coordinator is Mr Robinson – senco@pewsey-vale.wilts.sch.uk

The SEND code of practice 2014 highlights (sections 5 and 6) and Children and family act 2014 (section 69) sets out a requirement for providers, schools and colleges to publish their SEND provision in an SEN information report and policy, previously known as setting/school offer.

Details of the provision at Pewsey Vale School are shown below.


Pewsey Vale School
Seeing is believing! A great way to learn. Thanks to Mrs Harris's grandchildren for attending our Health and Social Care lesson. Students observed the children at play in two different life stages, infancy and early childhood. Also how their fine motor skills were developing. https://t.co/Q3IFpiaiF5
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