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Aspirations for all – the power of purpose

At Pewsey Vale school we prioritise knowing our students as individuals and this involves understanding their dreams and ambitions. Through the use of the Compass for Life programme students in all year groups are encouraged to identify their big dreams, goals and ambitions. They are given opportunities to explore options for their futures with the aim to raise aspirations for all. We use the compass as a model for then helping the students to develop the ethos and characteristics they will need, to plan their journey strategically and also helping them to develop physical and mental resilience strategies so they have the confidence to take action. This enables us to provide personalised guidance to help students achieve their full potential.

Throughout the year in addition to PSHRE lessons covering these themes students will undertake, year group specific, drop down days such as the careers fair, take your child to work day and work place visits to provide further opportunities to explore ideas.

Year 11 students will also all have one to one guidance interviews to help them in decision making for next steps.

The team

Miss C Dean: Assistant Head – Careers Lead

Mrs K Sheppy: Careers Assistant

PSHRE teachers and form tutors: Support

Support for Parents and Carers – Future’s Evening Event

This evening is an important event in the school calendar to help students and their parents or carers to have direct access to first-hand information from both local sixth forms, colleges and also employers. The date for this will be published in the school calendar and parentmail invites will be issued.

Useful Links

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Amazing Apprenticeships

Career Mag


CareerPilot – Parents Zone  

Western Outreach Network (WON)

How to become – careers information

Local Labour Market Information Report .


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Seeing is believing! A great way to learn. Thanks to Mrs Harris's grandchildren for attending our Health and Social Care lesson. Students observed the children at play in two different life stages, infancy and early childhood. Also how their fine motor skills were developing. https://t.co/Q3IFpiaiF5
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